We are now ISO 14001:2004 which is the international standard for environmental management systems (EMS) and the most widely used EMS in the world.  We have now joined over 14,000 organisations certified in the UK.

ISO 14001 is the principal management system standard which specifies the requirements for the formulation and maintenance of an EMS. This will help us to control our environmental aspects to reduce impacts and ensure we are legally compliant.

WHY GO ISO 14001?

We want to demonstrate our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and achieve the associated financial and stakeholder benefits.


  • Improved environmental management – Identify potential impacts and implement controls and measures to keep risk as low as possible.
  • Legal compliance – Understand how statutory and regulatory requirements impact our organisation and stay on the right side of the law.
  • Reduced operating costs – Achieving efficiencies in energy and water usage and through waste minimisation means money saved.
  • Improved stakeholder relationships – Make the environment a priority and people will respond positively to our organisation.
  • Proven business credentials – Independent verification against recognised standards speaks volumes and enhances our brand.
  • Ability to win more business – Procurement specifications often require certification as a condition to supply, so gaining the standard opens doors.
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