ATC are continually looking to improve our products and respond to market needs for chiller developments. Technical Manager Mitchell Howard identified key areas of development that would benefit from additional support. Utilising their great links with Loughborough University ATC offered a summer placement to Matthew Neale, a new graduate from the BEng Electronic and Electrical course.

Matthew is a Development Trust Scholar and his passion for engineering has been inspired by his family. His father worked as a telecommunication engineer and late grandfather who worked as a design engineer, eventually owning his own small company designing products for the mining industry.

Speaking about his course at Loughborough University Matthew said “Without my technical background from Loughborough University it would be very difficult to work in a research and development role. Previous experience on various projects has given me a big advantage, as you can apply solutions you have previously developed to help solve new challenges.”

Professor Mike Walls is responsible for the business management module. He covers business management and financial skills. His module aims to broaden business knowledge and encourage students to think from a business perspective when making engineering decisions. Mike is a founder of ATC and Matthew approached him to talk about his final year project.

Matthew’s final year project was to design a heating and cooling system used for medical applications, such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation which supports the heart and lungs of premature babies. The project has been very successful, the prototype has been demonstrated and a collaboration agreement with a company is in place to produce a device and bring it to market.

During his time at ATC, Matthew has developed several ideas into production. He has also gained knowledge in designing vapour compression chiller systems, something which sparked interest from his final year project.

Speaking of working with the ATC Technical Manager, Matthew said “Mitchell is a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I’m working on several interesting projects with him, expanding ATC’s project range, redesigning the units and refining the manufacturing process of existing products.”

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