About Applied Thermal Control
About Applied Thermal Control

We work in cooperation with equipment manufacturers to supply our users with re-circulation chillers, water-water heat exchangers and air blast coolers designed to optimise performance and reliability.

As a company we recognise the importance of superior after sales service and are working towards providing this on a worldwide basis through a network of carefully chosen partners and distributors.

We are proud of our ISO9001:2008 certification, knowing that this reinforces our dedication to quality. We are excited by the rising number of applications in which we can invest our expertise, and look forward to continued growth over the coming years.

ATC chillers are well established in the scientific instrument support markets (electron microscopes, X-ray diffraction, ICPMS etc.), semiconductor process, ophthalmic lens manufacturing equipment, machine tool, and more recently the chillers of choice for commercial digital printing and laser lithography markets worldwide.

ATC are part of Scientific Digital Imaging Plc (SDI) and our registered address is: Beacon House, Nuffield Road, Cambridge CB4 1TF.