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Power & Pumps K4/K6/K9/K12

Pump Options
Pump Type Flow l/min Max pressure psi (Bar) Material
P5 Positive displacement impeller 5 150 (10) Stainless Steel (304)
P10 Positive displacement impeller 10 150 (10) Stainless Steel (304)
P17 Positive displacement impeller 17 150 (10) Stainless Steel (304)
P8 Magnetically coupled rotary vane 8 150 (10) Stainless Steel (304)
P20 Multistage centrifugal 0-20 26 (1.8) PPS
P25 Close Coupled Multistage 25 47 (3) Stainless Steel (304)
Single Voltage Options Switchable Voltage Options
208V 60Hz
415V 3 Phase 220V 60Hz 200V 50Hz 208V 60Hz 3 Phase
230V 50Hz 50/60Hz 230V 50Hz 200V 60Hz 220V 60Hz 3 Phase
K4 Standard Standard Standard Special Standard
K6 Standard Standard Standard Standard
K9 Standard Standard
Other voltage options may be available. Please request further information.

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Product Description

ATC Offers three standard pumps for the K4, K6, K9 and K12 chillers. These range from 5 to 17 litres per minute flow. All of these are supplied with an adjustable by-pass valve which can be used to control the flow. A full range of higher flow pumps is also available on request.

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