Applied Thermal Control Ltd. is Pleased to Announce Comprehensive ATC Ltd. Distribution and Service Coverage for Asia and India through JCS Ltd. Dr. John Cantle founder and president of JCS Ltd. commented

I am delighted to have a partnership with ATC. Many sophisticated instruments depend on a chiller for operation and optimum performance. As the chiller system often represents one of the most vulnerable components to potentially bring down an instrument, we are pleased to support our customers with highly reliable chiller designs and the best extended warranty, fastest up-time response programs available.

John Cantle joined VG in 1979 worked at VG Isotopes, Winsford.

In early 80s he started developing links and relationships with Asia, especially China and India and Korea working directly with end-users and agent-distributors. John Cantle Scientific Ltd (Hong Kong) was established in Jan 1996 continuing distribution sales and service support on a contractual basis for VG Elemental ICP-MS. The role of the company is to provide advice on / or Export distribution from UK based Scientific Instrument companies seeking to sell and support equipment in Asia. As a result, JCS Ltd. has established a model organisation for efficient, local Asian / Indian distribution and service for UK capital equipment manfacturers. In 2001 JCS linked up with Phil Freedman of Nu Instruments in Wrexham and sucessfully set up a complete distribution and support system in Asia using JCS Ltd. companies in India, China and Hong Kong, and liasing with Nu-approved Agents in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and others. This venture was quickly successful and 3 large contracts for Nu MC-ICP-MS were awarded during 2002/2003. JCS Ltd. has recently obtained the first contract for the recently announced Nu AttoM HiRes ICp-MS. Nu Instruments has also recognised the reliability and resource offered by ATC Ltd. and have chosen to supply their instrument systems with ATC Ltd. chillers. Additional principals include Millbrook Instruments a UK company manufacturing and exporting SIMS, and in the spring of 2006 added Applied Thermal Controls Ltd. range of re-circulating chillers. Sales and service offices in China are based in Beijing and Hong Kong with local staff. In India sales and service.engineers are based in Mumbai, Hyderabad (center of admin), Calcutta and Dehradun. JCS Ltd. offices are self sufficient and capable of installing complex instrumentation, and providing warranty and other repairs as required. Associated agents (outside of India and China) in Asia that carry Nu and Millbrook products are generally also representing other high Tech products requiring ATC Ltd. chillers such as SEMs, TEMS, Ion-TOF SIMS, double focusing organic MS, quad ICP-MS etc.

For further information on JCS Ltd., please contact Dr. Cantle on +44 (0) 78315 13760

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